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1. Early Childhood care and education.

a. In this we cover Western and Indian educationalist, their thought process. Various skill developments for e.g. reading, social, hand skill, leg skill.

2. Child development and child psychology

a. This includes various behavior problems of a child and their solution. Various development factors like physical, moral, mental, emotional and social skills.

3. Child health and nutrition

a. Here we teach the importance and need of nutrition. How to prevent child from common diseases. Role and responsibility of a teacher in improvement of health of a child.

4. School administration and evaluation

a. Here we cover facilities for pre-primary school. Duties of ideal teacher. How to maintain the register and records. How to prepare a curriculum.

5. Teaching methodology

a. Here students learn how to identification different types of learning skills.

Learn various teaching techniques. Importance and need of teaching aid. How to enhance creativity in a child. We at Toddler Creed teach all these 5 subjects in great detail. Since 60 to 70% of teachers’ time is spent in educating a child we give a lot of emphasis on following.

1. Lesson planning. We cover the following aspects in the most practical environment:

a. How to plan a lesson for any given topic

b. What should be your aim

c. What all things you’ll be using to effectively teach the topic

d. Effective use of teaching aids

e. How to prepare teaching aids

f. Number of ways for preparing a worksheet for a thorough understanding of the topic

2. Montessori apparatus

a. How to handle various Montessori apparatus

b. It benefits in child’s day-to-day life

c. Teaching subjects like arithmetic, language, sensorial and EPL i.e. exercise of practical learning using these apparatus

3. Hands-on-training

a. Since we have our own school teachers get hands-on training in practising lesson plan in our own school. And we do the due corrections for better improvement

4. Visit to top pre-schools in Nagpur

5. Field visit to Eklavya school in Ahmadabad

a. It is one of the ideal Montessori school in India. In the past we took our students to Eklavya for 1-week practical training.

The central aim and purpose of the institution is to train & enable teachers to educate children in the best possible way! The institution believes that each & every child is unique and has inborn gifts and talents. The role of a teacher is to help the child to discover and develop her talents by focusing individually on her and not in a “mass-production” manner. We at Toddler Creed prepare our students (Teachers) for this very purpose. Please allow us to provide you a brief introduction of the Toddler Creed Montessori Teachers Training Program and how it is organized. Toddler Creed Montessori Teachers Training Program is a 1 year diploma course affiliated to Nagpur University. On completion of this course students get certificate from Nagpur University. We cover following subjects in the course:

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